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  • AlanG says:

    And very well deserved too.

  • Roman says:

    Hello, can you tell us about the correct color schemes for painting shoulder pads and helmets? And in General, about the correct and historical Assembly and coloring of the order?

    • Luther says:

      Hi Roman,

      There isn’t a great deal of official documentation or imagery on this for Raptors. The main source is the old Forge World Badab War book that has some information and imagery of heraldry etc. In that book there is a picture of a veteran sergeant with black helmet and yellow stripe – and I built on this for my own take on the scheme. Yellow is the Raven Guard (parent Chapter) trim colour for 2nd Company, so I chose that Company as the basis for the bulk of my own force, and used the yellow as a spot colour.

      I also use white to denote higher ranks, as per the Codex Astartes.

      The general hierarchy for the livery I came up with is as follows:

      Veteran Sergeant

      Remember that Raptors key tenet is adaptability, and they will often repaint their armour according to combat environment – white wash for snow, tan for desert etc. So you can be very creative with your army 🙂

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