How to Paint Raptors Infiltrators PDF Painting Guide

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High quality detailed PDF guide showing how to paint a Raptors Infiltrator Vanguard Primaris space marine.

Each step shows high resolution images of the model from multiple angles. All paints and materials are listed for ease of reference and descriptions of techniques are clearly explained in detail.

An airbrush is required for some steps.

Note: This guide will be updated with FAQs / Errata. All customers will always have access to the latest version.

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This guide is designed for beginner to intermediate level painters. The aim is to achieve a good quality paint job in a way that can be replicated relatively quickly across an army. Some of the later steps are optional, so the method can be ‘scaled’ from rank and file to more special models such as commanders and characters.

A certain level of experience and understanding is assumed of basic painting techniques such as basecoating, layering, using shading washes and edge highlighting, but more ‘advanced’ techniques such as freehand or NMM are avoided to ensure maximum accessibility.

Format: PDF
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No. of pages: 21
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