Hello! I'm Luther.

I first got into this Hobby when I was about 13. A friend of mine had a few RT-era Blood Angels models and some Space Wolves. I liked the aesthetic of them immediately and the painting aspect appealed to me as I was into artistic pursuits. I went to a Games Workshop store with him and got myself some Space Marines and some paints. Not knowing what I was doing, I proceeded to cover everything with Blood Angels Orange – straight out of the pot, as thick as you like. No primer, no base coat, no nothing! Needless to say they looked awful, and being somewhat impatient I drifted away from the Hobby.

Some ten years later I fell through a 12' x 12' plate glass window and nearly severed my left hand. This was a bit of a bummer as I was left-handed. The clever doctors at Addenbrooke's, Cambridge managed to reattach the bone, tendons and nerves and I began a long course of occupational and physio therapy to relearn how to use my left hand – and learn to write, draw and do pretty much everything else with my right hand. As part of my rehabilitation I decided to get some more models and have another go at painting. I got myself some scouts and a Furisoso Dreadnought. This time I learned a bit more about painting beforehand and made a reasonable job of them. I still have very little feeling in my left thumb, index and fore fingers, and I can't bring my thumb right across my hand, however I can now paint with both hands which can be handy for getting just the right angle with the brush 😉

This blog is about my renewed progress with the Blood Angels (to whom I have been loyal on and off for 20 years), their arch adversaries the Orks and anything else that tickles my bristles.

I hope you enjoy, please comment and get in touch if you want to discuss my work or the Hobby in general.