20 Replies on Space Wolves Intercessor

  • Rob says:

    Looks great!

    Definitely interested in a guide and would love to know what colors you used for the armor.

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks really good.
    I would Love to See a Tutorial for dark Angels because I have Problems with that Green. I don’t want it top be too Green.. darker Looks better in my opinion


    • Luther says:

      There will be a Dark Angel coming soon! I already have colours I’m happy with, and my scheme will be quite dark and sinister, so I’m sure you’ll like it!

  • John says:

    Love this and would be interested in a guide. Also would be interested in one of how you’d approach an Imperial Fist.

  • Mickaël says:

    Super! J’aime bien ce schéma! Un petit tuto pas à pas et la liste des couleurs utilisées seraient utiles et intéressants, en effet!

  • Travis says:

    Not sure if I missed it somewhere but the yellow on this SW, which btw we all definitely want a tutorial on, but the yellow looks very close to how you do the yellow on the Raptors. I was just wondering if that was in a tutorial or buried in some comments somewhere I missed? Thanks keep up the great work!

    • Luther says:

      Thanks Travis! When painting the yellow ‘by hand’ (brush painting) as on this shoulder pad, I base with Vallejo Model Colour 70877 Gold Brown and then add layers mixing in 70953 Flat Yellow up to pure Flat Yellow. Finally a wash with Reikland Fleshshade to blend it all in, shade it and make it deeper and richer.

  • Robbie says:

    Looks awesome! I’ve got a large SW force that has been waiting to be painted for almost a decade now. I would love a tutorial on how you did that! I might play with subbing colors from your raptor guide and see if I can make anything work.

  • Laskaris says:

    How do you strip the paint off? I heard it works with anti Bazillus soap (bazilol it’s called in germany)?

    • Luther says:

      I use a product called Biostrip 20. The stuff is fantastic – it’s non-toxic, doesn’t smell, will go through paint, varnish and primer in an hour, and not affect the plastic at all.

  • Laskaris says:

    Hey there,

    Still waiting for dark angels tutorial…

    Greetz Laskaris

    • Luther says:

      I know

      It is coming… I have painted a test model that I am happy with. The Blood Angels guide will be released in the next few days, and Dark Angels will be next after that – promise!!

      • Laskaris says:

        It’s fine because I am still busy with my Battlefleet Gothic fleets. But I am really looking forward to that guide.

        Greetz Laskaris

  • Matt says:

    What is your recipe for the space wolves colour scheme?

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