Raptors Primaris Hellblasters Squad 02

The Space Wolves guide is coming, soon, I promise! But I needed to finish up another five of these guys making 10 in total so far. They’re so good on the table I wouldn’t mind another.

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  • Luke Green says:

    These are beautiful. What is your photography setup? The shots are really good.

    • Luther says:

      Hi there, thanks! I use a Foldio3 lightbox which comes with a black felt backdrop. It’s good but dust and hairs do stick to it sometimes, so the solution I found is to put a large black book on the floor of the lightbox, on top of the backdrop. I used HR Giger’s Necromnicon 😀

      Here’s a photo of the setup.

  • Anonymous says:

    My word that plasma looks good, any chance in getting a write up on how it’s done? Preferably with steps! Thank you I admire your work all the time. It inspires me to push myself and to keep painting!

    • Luther says:

      Thanks! I do it by spraying Vallejo Model Air French Blue on the area, then Light Sea Blue inside the plasma coil only, then white inside that. I will take some pics of each step next time 🙂

  • Michael Jensen says:

    Hi Luther

    Do you have a guide to the Yellow and White helmets ?

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