Sons of the Phoenix Redemptor Dreadnought for Emerson

This was a very special project, for a very special girl. Emerson is currently fighting leukemia like a BOSS! Her dad is a good friend of mine and when Emerson took a liking to the Sons of the Phoenix space marine chapter, he asked if I would paint a model for her in that scheme. She chose a Redemptor Dreadnought as the subject and it has been a great honour for me to paint it for a girl who, despite everything she has been through, is never without a smile on her face. A true warrior.

You can read more about Emerson’s story here, and even make a donation to help her in her fight: https://www.gofundme.com/help-emerson-fight-leukemia

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  • Ferrus Manus says:

    A wonderful gesture and the model to match! The white armour, particularly on the central torso, is beautifully blended. The plasma coils are very nicely done – perhaps an opportunity for OSL? The base and candles are a nice touch which add flavour and interest to the piece. The desaturated metals balance out the bright plating for a harmonious look overall. A job well done!

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