Sons of the Phoenix Redemptor Dreadnought for Emerson

This was a very special project, for a very special girl. Emerson is currently fighting leukemia like a BOSS! Her dad is a good friend of mine and when Emerson took a liking to the Sons of the Phoenix space marine chapter, he asked if I would paint a model for her in that scheme. She chose a Redemptor Dreadnought as the subject and it has been a great honour for me to paint it for a girl who, despite everything she has been through, is never without a smile on her face. A true warrior.

You can read more about Emerson’s story here, and even make a donation to help her in her fight: https://www.gofundme.com/help-emerson-fight-leukemia

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  • Ferrus Manus says:

    A wonderful gesture and the model to match! The white armour, particularly on the central torso, is beautifully blended. The plasma coils are very nicely done – perhaps an opportunity for OSL? The base and candles are a nice touch which add flavour and interest to the piece. The desaturated metals balance out the bright plating for a harmonious look overall. A job well done!

  • Frederik says:

    Wow, that’s a great model! and an even better reason to paint it up – I hope she made it.
    May you tell me where you got those decals from? And are the candles made with greenstuff or also available somewhere?

    • Luther says:

      Hi Frederik,

      Emerson is doing great, thanks for asking 🙂

      The transfers were made by Scumb4g Kustoms (you can find them on Facebook) and the candles were from Kromlech (with green stuff used to make the wax puddles that attach them to the model).

  • MR says:

    Loved the look of these guys when i first saw them in a WD, this is a fantastic paintjob for such a lovely reason! I really like the richness of the purple sections, may I ask what paints you used?

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