4 Replies on Salamanders Intercessor

  • chad says:

    Just bought your guild very impressive. Do you have some nature pictures of the model on that table top? Really leaning towards this color scheme, would love to see what it looks like without the black background

    • Luther says:

      Hi Chad,

      I don’t I’m afraid, but when I finish the Iron Hands model (the last of the ‘big 9’) I might take some more photos of all the models.

      Many thanks,

      • Brandon Guzman says:

        Hey Luther,

        For this scheme do you primarily use an airbrush to paint or is mainly brush based? I was thinking about picking up a few of your tutorials to try at home. Thanks for the help!

        • Luther says:

          Hi Brandon,

          I use an airbrush to lay down the base colour and initial shading and highlights on the armour in all my Marine guides. Typically steps 1-4. After that it’s all wet brush work (steps 6-10).


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