Raven Guard Intercessor

Next up in the First Founding project, masters of stealth – the midnight-black armoured Raven Guard! As with the other First Founding intercessors I have painted, I have produced a detailed PDF painting guide covering all steps. Included is a mini guide on white armour for 1st Company and Veterans, and alternative shoulder trim colour options.

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  • Jarrett Lee says:

    Hi Luther, on Step 6 of the guide it says “now we start to highlight…”, similar to the following step as well. Are those meant to be primarily edge highlights?

    • Luther says:

      Hi Jarrett, that’s correct – in most places it’s edge highlights and you can also add some small marks to represent surface scratches at that point too.

      Where it’s a drybrush or layering / glazing, that is mentioned specifically.

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