Raptors Primaris Repulsor

This was a funny project. It went from nothing to almost finished in four hours, and then I spent probably three times that long detailing and weathering it – but at the same time trying to keep the weathering subtle. I figured it would be good practice for the relic vehicles I will be painting in the future.

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  • Michael Jensen says:

    Could you shed some light on how you paint the vehicles, I do not think it’s 100% the same as your infantry

    I am particularly interested in how you shade them, it don’t look like normal wash.

    • Luther says:

      You are correct, it is a slightly different process.

      The airbrush steps are the same – Nato Green primer, Elysian Green, Ogryn Camo and Burnt Umber to shade. And I still use Athonian Camoshade wash, but sprayed on with an airbrush to ‘tint’ the model to the same tone as the infantry. I find acrylic washes end up patchy on large flat areas when applied with a wet brush, even when mixed with Lahmian Medium.

      The main difference to infantry (aside from adding chips and scratches with a sponge) is that I use AK Interactive enamel washes to shade the panel lines and recesses. I use Dark Brown Wash mainly, and the little rust orange areas (e.g. around the rivets) are done with Light Rust Wash.

      Oil washes are great for the ‘dirty’ look I want to achieve with vehicles. They hug the recesses nicely but can also be drawn out and blended in with a clean brush.

      • Anonymous says:

        This Repulsor is epic, man. I especially like the decals you chose. Do you by chance remember where the “block of text” transfer sheets come from?

        • Luther says:

          Thanks mate! Yes I do – they are from the old (sadly long OOP) Witch Hunters sheet. They pop up on eBay occasionally but is usually quite expensive because they are very rare.

          I am actually thinking of producing some of my own like this because they’re so cool and useful. Keep an eye on this website!

  • Brett Malone says:

    Luther, awesome content. I just bought your tutorial. Great stuff. Just want you to know if you ever did a raptor one for vehicles I would buy it.

    • Luther says:

      Thanks Brett!

      I do plan to do a Raptors vehicle tutorial. It’s next on the list after I finish the First Founding chapter infantry guides. Not many to go now 🙂

  • Jason Stevenson says:

    Hey Luther
    I love your work mate it’s amazing. Do you know when you will have a guide on how to paint vehicles using modulation painting style like you have done for this vehicle?

    • Luther says:

      Thanks Jason! This is definitely something I want to do… I will finish the last two First Founding chapters first (Raven Guard & Iron Hands) and then this will be next on the list 😉

      • Stefan says:

        Can’t wait to get my hands on a vehicle tutorial. I am just a beginner painter but I really like your style, especially the weathering and how everything looks believeable. Great inspiration!

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