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  • Tombard says:

    May i ask for details regarding the difference in the armor color?

    And which decals do you use? The forge world sheet is oop and the ones on the vehicles i dont even recognize 🙂

    Thank you in advance!

    • Luther says:

      Hi there, thanks!

      I used different paints on the armour for a more desaturated look. Black undercoat, Vallejo Model Air US Olive Drab base, Hemp and Sand highlights.

      The Raptor head decals are from chaptercustomizer.com

  • David says:

    Happy New Year, Luther. Love the look of these Reivers. Did you spray a shadow colour and if so, which did you use?

    • Luther says:

      Hi David, thanks! I just built up from black on these. So Black undercoat, Vallejo Model Air US Olive Drab (zenithal highlight), Hemp (spot highlight), Ivory (very selective highlight). Then Nuln Oil wash, then Camoshade. Both washes were thinned 1:1 with Lahmian Medium.

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s really helpful. Thanks a lot.

  • David says:

    Hi again, Luther. I’m trying this scheme on my Reivers. I didn’t notice much of a contrast between the olive drab and hemp so I’m wondering if I did something wrong. What colour did you use for the edge highlights? Thanks in advance.

    • Luther says:

      Hi David,

      The Hemp is a ‘medium’ highlight, so not super contrasting, but you should definitely be able to see a difference! These are the colours, just to confirm:
      Olive Drab

      As you can see, the Sand (Ivory) is the most contrasting colour.

      For edge highlights I use the same as on my standard Raptors scheme, Andrea Color White Paint Set 1 (Base).

  • Joe says:

    Hi Luther,
    Love these models. Your work always amazes me.
    Quick question about the paints you listed above though if you don’t mind. Do they actually appear close to what those swatches above look like when dry or are they actually greener in real life? Only reason I ask is that when I looked up examples of them besides the Olive Drab they don’t actually look very green to me at all. So I’m curious if the green color on these Reivers comes more from the Athonian Camoshade wash or is it actually the paints?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Luther says:

      Hi Joe,
      You are correct – the green comes mostly from the Athonian Camoshade. The base colours are more brown, with just a hint of green. I wanted to achieve a subtle shade with this armour – difficult to describe but almost ‘grey-green’. I wanted to use Athonian Camoshade so they would tie in tonally with the rest of the army, so the other colours were chosen to compensate, knowing I was going to do that step afterwards.

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