Raptors Primaris Reivers Squad 02

Second squad of Reivers ā€“ again in a darker, more muted scheme than my other Raptors. I got closer to what I was looking for this time by using a black wash as well as a green.

Raptors Primaris Reivers

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  • Jo says:

    Hi! Really nice work you’ve done here!! Actually thinking of copying your scheme šŸ˜›

    So you basically painted these reivers like you’ve stated in your tutorial but used a black and green wash for the armour instead of the camoshade?

    Thx for your answer!

    • Luther says:

      Hi there, thanks!

      I actually used different paints on the Reivers too. Black undercoat, Vallejo Model Air US Olive Drab (zenithal highlight), Hemp (spot highlight), Ivory (very selective highlight). Then Nuln Oil wash, then Camoshade. Both washes were thinned 1:1 with Lahmian Medium.

  • Owen says:

    Hi Luther,

    I love these models, you’ve basically inspired me to buy Shadowspear and attempt my own go at these Raptors. Can I ask a couple of questions?

    At what stage did you add the decals? pre or post washes?

    Is the blackened steel effect purely from heavy washes with nuln oil?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Luther says:

      Hi Owen! Iā€™m glad you were inspired by these models šŸ™‚
      In answer to your questions:
      1) the decals were applied before the washes – I pretty much always do it this way so that the washes blend them in to the armour and make them look a little worn and more natural
      2) I used a paint called Exhaust Manifold (Vallejo Metal Color), which is a dark, dirty looking metallic colour. Then a coat of Agrax and a coat of Nuln to make it REALLY dark on the blades, and some edge highlights / scratches with a bright metallic

      Hope that helps!

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