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  • Álvaro says:

    It is on sale?

  • Jean-Philippe says:

    The weathering is very good on this tank. Is it only paint or did you use other stuff (pigments, oil, anything else) to achieve this effect?

    Great job, hope to see more Raptors soon!


    • Luther says:

      Hi JP,

      I used various techniques on this tank – the ‘hairspray’ technique for the rusty chips and scratches, oil wash for the dirt and grime in the recesses, sponged acrylic for further chipping and mud effect, more oil wash for the streaks and finally pigment for the dust around the bottom. I will need to speed and simplify the steps as I have plans for quite a few tanks, but to be honest the only thing that takes time is the hairspray technique due to the numbers of steps and layers.

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