Raptors Phobos Lieutenant

First completed model of 2020 – a Phobos Lieutenant for my Raptors army. This is another model from the Shadowspear box that I’m slowly (but happily!) working my way through. I did a very minor conversion to swap the head with the captain from the same box.

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  • Landon Fisher says:

    Do you remember what colors you used for this particular face? I looooove this skin tone.

    • Luther says:

      Thanks Landon! I tend to paint faces quite organically, rather than having a specific process… but my general method is to use something like the Andrea Color White Paint Set (which I think you’re familiar with 😉 to ‘sketch’ the face and highlights. Then I use GW washes – Reikland Fleshshade all over (two thin coats) Leviathan Purple around the eyes, Carroburg Crimson around the nose and mouth. I then just go back and forth with off-white highlights and those washes till I’m happy.

      On this particular model I also used a dark brown oil wash, applied very thinly, for the stubble. I used a small brush moistened with thinner to soften and blur the edges.

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