Raptors Leviathan Dreadnought 67

This is one of those projects I’ve dipped in and out of. Coming back to add a bit here and there, building the weathering up in layers. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m happy with the final result!

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  • Andrew Kennedy says:

    Lovely paintjob. Anytime ive tried weathering on my models it just looks like ive made a mess of the painting, lol. This looks amazing.

    • Luther says:

      Thanks Andrew! I will be doing a PDF tutorial on Raptors vehicles soon, covering lots of weathering techniques 🙂

      • Chris says:

        Looking forward to this! Just bought your Black Templars guide last night and it looks brilliant, can’t wait to try it out. Will there be vehicle and weathering tutorials covering their colours too?

        • Luther says:

          Thanks Chris! I will definitely do a Raptors vehicle guide. Not sure if I will get around to doing vehicles in all legion colours but we’ll see… For the most part you can follow the infantry steps, but I would advise applying the wash (Nuln Oil in the case of Templars) with airbrush (instead of wet brush) to tint the model, and then using an enamel panel liner or oil wash for the deep recesses. This is because the acrylic washes dry patchy on large, flat surfaces.

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