Raptors Eliminators Squad I

Took a quick break from painting guides and transfers to finish another unit for my Raptors – Eliminators from Shadowspear! These guys have been on my desk for a while so it feels good to finally get them done. My hat’s off to the miniature designers – once again these are fantastic space marine models and I really enjoyed painting them 🙂

I used some of my own transfer designs (Imperial Gothic Details) on the little screens and binoculars and I think they came out great 🙂

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  • Kurt says:

    Excellent work! Have you done a guide on basing?

    • Luther says:

      Hi Kurt, not really, but these ones are just a piece of cork sheet torn up, with some sand / PVA added in places for variation, and some small pieces of slate stuck to the top 🙂

  • Clément says:

    They look amazing! Did you work with sub assemblies to paint or did you build them completely before painting?

    • Luther says:

      Thanks! No, I pretty much never do sub-assemblies on infantry. I admit there were certain parts on these that were a bit tricky to get to – but my rule of thumb is that if I can’t get it it with my paint brush, you can’t see it 😉

      • Clément says:

        Thank you for your answer, that’s good to know I will build them tonight then : ).
        Your work is great inspiration! I just started a raptor chapter (it does not look as good as yours though! ).

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