Raptors Captain Voland

As Raptors are traditionally less ostentatious and more prosaic than other chapters, I felt the Sergeant Jovan model would make a good captain for my 2nd Company. I gave him an older and more austere appearance with a head swap, and made him feel more like a captain with a company banner.

I went a bit more grimdark than normal on the paint job, with some streaking grime and oil paint mapping.

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  • Luke Maddocks says:

    Hi Luther, thanks for the inspiration. This guy looks great! I liked the bass so much I’ve ordered some myself. Do you mind me asking what tones/paint you used to do the base? Thanks, Luke

  • Noel James says:

    Hi Luther. Do you recall which head that you used for this chap?? which kit ??

  • Robert Salvén says:

    Hi Luther! Love your work and the awesome transfers you sell! Quick question: Could you please share the colors and technique you use for painting the white shoulder pads / helmet / kneepad? Thanks!

    • Luther says:

      Hi Robert, thanks!

      For the white I use the Andrea Color White Paint Set, which I highly recommend! I only use the base and the three highlight colours (in number order) and I give it a coat of Agrax Earthshade mixed 1:1 with Lahmian Medium for shading and to give it an off-white, slightly brown / dirty look.

      For yellow I base with Vallejo Model Color Goldbrown, then layer Flat Yellow and Golden Yellow, edge highlight with Ivory and give it a coat of Reikland Fleshshade mixed with a little Lahmian.

      On this particular model everything also got a coat of AK Streaking Grime, with the excess removed with mineral spirits. So it’s all dirtier and grimier than usual.

      Hope that helps!

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