Raptors Captain Voland

As Raptors are traditionally less ostentatious and more prosaic than other chapters, I felt the Sergeant Jovan model would make a good captain for my 2nd Company. I gave him an older and more austere appearance with a head swap, and made him feel more like a captain with a company banner.

I went a bit more grimdark than normal on the paint job, with some streaking grime and oil paint mapping.

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  • Luke Maddocks says:

    Hi Luther, thanks for the inspiration. This guy looks great! I liked the bass so much I’ve ordered some myself. Do you mind me asking what tones/paint you used to do the base? Thanks, Luke

    • Luther says:

      Thanks Luke!

      Colours for the base were:
      – Vallejo 71.029 (shadows) and 71.027 (highlights)
      – Airbrush spray of Citadel Seraphim Sepia
      – Drybrush Vallejo 70.837
      – Tamiya Panel Line Accent Dark Brown for the cracks and crevices

      For the rusty steel:
      – Vallejo 70.985
      – Nuln Oil Wash
      – AK Light Rust wash around the bottom
      – AK Rusty Streaks running down underneath

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