‘Meltacide’ Assault Squad

Finished up my ‘Meltacide’ Assault Squad yesterday. I didn’t add battle damage as I normally do – partly because the models are quite detailed due to the Vanguard parts, partly due to the fact I put a bit more effort into the edge highlighting and didn’t want to cover it up – and partly because I needed to call these guys ‘done’ and move on to other projects 😛

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  • Gillespie83 says:

    I always look forward to your blog posts. I know you’ve described it in the past but you should post a small tutorial for the reds and the highlights. By the way… what’s your process for those great crisp highlights? 😛

  • Luther says:

    Thanks for the kind words! After I’ve done the airbrushed base coat / highlights I use Vallejo Model Color Amarantha Red followed by a tiny bit of GW Vomit Brown.

    No special process for the edge highlights, just use slightly thinned paint and the side of your brush running along the edge. Just takes a bit of practice and a steady hand!

  • Gillespie83 says:

    Haha, thanks, I was more curious about what colors you used. I tried using GW’s suggested edge highlight color, kindleflame (?) but it always comes out much more pink than I intend, even when mixed with red.

  • Luther says:

    Ah gotcha – well yeah it’s Vallejo Model Colour Amarantha Red (70829). I thin this a bit and do one pass, and then a second pass where I want it more intense (nearer the corners etc). Then I add a tiny spot of GW Vomit Brown for the most intense bit. Vomit Brown is OOP of course, I have one pot but I use so little I think it’ll last years! There is probably a Vallejo Game Color alternative – Filthy Brown maybe?

  • Robby says:

    Great looking models! Might I ask which colours you used for the airbrushed part? The same as the tutorial you posted with the drop pod door? Looks a little different to me 🙂

  • Luther says:

    Thanks Robby! Well spotted, I did use a slightly different method. I primed German Redbrown instead of black, added a few shadows with Model Air Black, then a few highlights with Model Air White, then Yellow. Then covered with Red RLM 23 as usual. I wanted to achieve a brighter highlight and also felt three primer coats might end up too thick. I’ll take some step by step pics next time I do infantry.

  • Ekfud says:

    Looks great – I’m mapping out a darker colour scheme for some blood Angels and the airbrush sequence is massively helpful. On the highlight/brown… One of the winter dyne reviews uses panzer aces new wood – might have a fraction more white/grey than the old vomit brown but looks like it would give a similar effect.

  • Luther says:

    Thanks Ekfud – I haven’t tried Panzer Aces New Wood but I think it could work nicely. Another good substitute for Vomit Brown is Vallejo Game Color Filthy Brown.

  • Chad says:

    As a long time blood angels fanatic I’m absolutely astounded at how amazing these look. The highlighting on these guys looks phenomenal. Great job mate. I hope you don’t mind another question but how did you manage the yellow helmets? Mine never seem to quite turn out.

  • Luther says:

    Thank you Chad!

    For the helmets I primed them white (with my airbrush, and keeping them unattached, obviously), then coated them with Vallejo Model Air Yellow. I then gave them a wash with Citadel Reikland Fleshshade (two thin coats) and an edge highlight with Vallejo Model Color Golden Yellow – then again with a bit of white mixed in.

    It’s really quite quick to do!

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