And now for something completely different... A group of friends and I get together every now and then for gaming nights, and one of the games we play is Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. We decided to each paint our chosen heroes (mine is the Knight Questor) but one of us isn't really into painting so I'm doing his too (Fyreslayer Doomseeker). Other denizens of the Silver Tower will follow!

Knight Questor

Fyreslayer Doomseeker


    • Thanks!

      I painted it silver then masked off half the blade and sprayed Nuln Oil lightly over quarter segments, then repeated for the other side when dry. Then I painted more defined ‘bands’ by hand using thinned black ink.

    • Thanks! Pretty simple really. I base coated it with Vallejo Model Air Aluminium, gave it a wash with Seraphim Sepia all over and drybrushed with the Aluminium. Then Agrax just in the recesses and Nuln Oil in the deepest recesses.

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