Intercessor Reinforcements

Got another batch of Intercessors finished today. This takes me up to 15, so I can field 3x squads in a Battalion detachment but ultimately I will have 30 so I can max out those squads.

4 Replies on Intercessor Reinforcements

  • James H says:

    I do love your paint scheme, I will be attempting a poor imitation in the future for my Raptors and their Guard backup. Very inspirational stuff!

  • Jean-Philippe says:

    The little yellow details you add to your Raptor models are very cool. It makes them stand out.

    Great job. When is Lias coming out of hiding? 😉

    • Luther says:

      Thanks Jean-Philippe! Good question about Lias… I’m still trying to decide on a model for him. There will be some characters coming soon though, after I clear the small backlog I have!

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