Inquisitor Consadine – Part I

I felt this would be an interesting departure from my ongoing armies – quite different to anything I’d done before in fact – so I accepted the challenge! However, I soon realised there were no parts in the 40k / WFB / Sigmar range that could accurately recreate the figure in the art, and that this was going to require some fairly extensive custom sculpting. Such a task is beyond my skill and so I enlisted the help of someone who has exceptional skills in that department – my friend over on Bolter & Chainsword, Blindhamster.

2 Replies on Inquisitor Consadine – Part I

  • bates says:

    Excellent conversion and sculpt! It’s very dynamic without being over the top. I’m curious about the base – is it a pre-made resin base?

    • Luther says:

      Thanks bates – though just to reiterate, my friend Blindhamster did the sculpting on this – it’s way beyond my skill! We have made some changes since these pics were taken. The feet have been armoured and bulked out and I’ll be adding some custom long flowing purity seals like in the artwork. And then he will be painted!

      In answer to your question – yes, the base is a resin one from Dragon Forge Design – I highly recommend them!

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