Imperial Fist Captain of the Fifth

Finally finished this guy for my pal Skringly. I tried brush-painted weathering instead of sponged on for a bit more control – I am happy with the results!

A few people have asked how I painted the yellow and the power maul so thought I’d write down the process. The yellow was a bit experimental and if I were doing it again I might skip the two Model Color paints and just mix white into the Model Air Yellow for the layering and edge highlights. But here’s how I did it this time anyway…


  1. Primed white
  2. Airbrushed basecoat Vallejo Model Air Yellow
  3. Wash Reikland Fleshade
  4. Then I layered Vallejo Model Color ‘Flat Yellow’ followed by ‘Golden Yellow’ (both thinned with Lahmian Medium)
  5. Then another two coats of Reikland Flashade (very thin, 50/50 mix with Lahmian Medium – that stuff is amazing!)
  6. Edge highlights Vallejo Model Color ‘Pale Sand’

For the chips I used a very fine brush (Windsor & Newton Series 7 Miniature 000) and painted small lines in random directions perpendicular to the edges – like the top of his left knee pad, bottom of the greaves etc – with Pale Sand. Then keeping inside these highlighted areas I added some touches of dark brown (I used Vallejo Model Air Burnt Umber), and then some even smaller touches of Vallejo Model Air Steel.

For the scratches like on his shoulder pad it was a thin line of the Pale Sand and a thin line of the Burnt Umber on top, to represent a highlight and a shadow.


For the power maul I primed white then used my airbrush to fade in a mix of 2 parts Light Sea Blue, 1 part Yellow and 1 part White (all Vallejo Model Air). I did this from the outside in on each ‘panel’ of the maul keeping white in the centre, then edge highlighted with white.

2 Replies on Imperial Fist Captain of the Fifth

  • Kisada says:

    This model looks amazing! Any more Imperial Fists?

    Also read your review on the lahmian medium… Very nicely done, you’ve convinced me to pick up a bottle and give it a try.

    • Luther says:

      Thanks Kisada!

      I would like to do some more Fists at some point, I’ll probably do a squad and sell them on eBay (or a commission if anyone wants one!).

      Lahmian medium is very useful – you won’t be disappointed!

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