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  • bates says:

    Fantastic job! I’ve been using your red recipe for my own Blood Angels. May I ask how you did the treads of the tank, as well as the flesh of the bare-headed marine?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Luther says:

    Thanks bates!

    I basecoated the tracks VMC Hull Red, drybrushed with gunmetal and used Forge World dark sand pigment powder for the dust.

    For the skin on the bare head marine I basecoated VMC 148 Burnt Umber, then layered with VMC 124 Iraqi Sand and highlights with VMC 007 Pale Sand. Then I used GW Reikland Fleshshade all over, Druchii Violet (thinned) in recesses and finally Agrax Earthshade and the deepest recesses.

  • bates says:

    Thanks for the instructions, Luther! I’m looking forward to trying your methods out – I think they look wonderfully realistic.

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