Blood Angels Flamer Assault Squad

Tri-flamer assault squad to complement my tri-melta squad. I’ve gone for a more worn look than on the previous squad and I may go back to bring them in line with these as I’m quite happy with the result. These guys are the first of a few infantry squads that I’ve had in progress for a while. They are all fairly close to completion so the rest should be coming up soon…

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  • chill says:

    Hi Luther,

    your squad looks awesome as usual! Could you please tell me, how you paint your yellow helmets. They look a little bit different to the yellow helmets you showed before. Am I right?


  • Luther says:

    Thanks man! You have a keen eye, I changed them a bit cos I wasn’t totally happy with the previous ones. The process is similar but slightly different:

    1. Prime Vallejo Grey
    2. Spray white from above
    3. Model VMA* Golden Yellow all over
    4. Gloss coat
    5. Two to three coats of Reikland Fleshshade
    6. Airbrush highlight 50/50 VMA Golden Yellow & White
    7. Edge highlight VMC* Light Yellow
    8. Edge highlight as above plus adding VMC Offwhite

    VMA = Vallejo Model Air
    VMC = Vallejo Model Color

  • chill says:

    Ha, I knew it! 🙂 And thanks for your quick answer.
    It’s definitely a big improvement. Now they look really great. I love them!


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