Blood Angels Drop Pods

Here we have a trio of Drop Pods. The middle one was painted by me and, as when I’ve painted a unit I tend to want to move on to another rather than paint more of the same, I commissioned the talented Mr. Peter Zuidgeest at Scar’s Miniature Madness to paint the other two. He did a great job of matching the painting to the original as I’m sure you’ll agree 🙂

3 Replies on Blood Angels Drop Pods

  • Jack says:

    just out of interest did you pain the same scheme that you used in the tutorial a couple of years ago?

    • Luther says:

      The middle pod is that very same one! I sent it to Peter at Scar’s for reference and he matched it using the same colours I used on the original.

  • Wes Gillespie says:

    That’s actually really impressive, he matched it really well. So well it’s tempting me to send my 8 drop pods I’ve been putting off painting.

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