Raptors Intercessor Squad II

Here is the first completed unit for my Raptors Space Marines army. The painting process keeps closely to that of the test model I finished recently with a few minor alterations – mainly to streamline and speed things up where possible.

On that note, quite a few people asked how long the test model took to complete, and though I didn’t record the time I estimate it was 2-3 hours. With this unit I did keep it on a timer – both to answer those queries and for my own information. I kept a detailed record of each step and, even after rounding up a bit, it worked out at 90 minutes per marine – half the time of the test model. This was due to several factors; having an established process to work to, streamlining that process slightly, and the simple nature of batch painting. There was perhaps also an element of rushing – partly because I was aware of the timer, party again due the nature of batch painting, and partly due to drinking strong coffee while painting 🙂

The quality between the test model and the unit perhaps suffered slightly as a result (less refined edge highlights, more heavy-handed chips and scratches etc) – but I don’t think the difference is too great. After all, I need to keep the rank and file as quick as possible if I’m ever to get a playable force completed, and can happily spend a bit more time on one-off models and characters.

Anyway, on to the pics…

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  1. Looking fantastic! Any chance of a quick breakdown? I’m considering painting some Salamander Primaris soon and this green looks perfect

    • Thanks! I will be doing a tutorial soon, but the basic colours for the green are:
      – Vallejo NATO Green primer
      – Vallejo Model Air Burnt Umber shade
      – GW Elysian Green Air highlight 1
      – GW Ogryn Camo Air highlight 2
      – GW Athonian Camoshade wash
      – Andrea Color white paint set no. 1 edge highlight 1
      – Andrea Color white paint set no. 2 edge highlight 2

    • Thanks Alan! I must admit I was quite pleased to clock in at 90 mins per marine. That’s the batch painting time of course – the total of the unit divided by five – and doesn’t include drying time between steps. It would be amazing if I could do a complete marine in 90 mins non-stop, but in reality this is a five man unit done in two weekends across four sessions 😉

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