Quantum Gothic Radar / Comm Dish

Something a bit different today – a scenery / terrain / objective piece by Quantum Gothic.

It’s an excellent kit; well designed, excellent quality and great fun to paint.

I wanted it to look like an ancient relic so have gone for a worn, rough look with the paint job. I have a few more kits courtesy of Quantum Gothic so expect more popping up here soon!






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  1. Love the dish! I think it’s unique compared to the normal 40k terrain one usually see’s on the table. Are you planning on using it for generic terrain, or an objective perhaps?

  2. Thanks Cody 🙂

    I’d like to use it as an objective but I’ll be painted a few more items by Quantum Gothic first so I have a set of consistent ones. For now it’ll just be a scenery piece in games but watch this space for more of these!

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