Sanguinary Guard WIP

I bought the Forge World Blood Angels Legion torsos and heads as soon as they came out, knowing I’d use them for something but not being sure for what exactly. The answer came when was inspired by Lil Legend Studio‘s Heresy-era assault squad where he combined them with the plastic Sanguinary Guard legs. I thought they worked really well together and decided to do something similar. Originally I was going to make them into a Vanguard Veteran squad, but I desperately want to try out the Golden Host formation so decided on a second Sanguinary Guard squad instead.

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  • Jarrad says:

    Excellent work, currently searching for assault marine poses for my Executioners army, and I stumbled upon your site from a pic from google images. I digress… Something about banners really fit the Angels and the Ultras etique.

  • Luther says:

    Thanks Jarrad – I’m really looking forward to getting these guys painted up! I plan on using one of the transfers from the Blood Angels sheet on the banner, to differentiate it from the moulded one that comes with the Sanguinary Guard kit that I already used on my first squad. Maybe one day I’ll have a go at free handing one 🙂

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