Finally got around to finishing my second Sanguinary Guard squad today, converted using Forge World torsos, helmets and shoulder pads. I realised after taking the pics I'd forgotten to add soot around the jump pack jets so need to go back and do that. Also my first time doing power weapons and jump pack jets by hand – let me know what you think!


  • They look awesome! I dig the white faces, what was the idea there? I have never seen that before on SG. Just aesthetic preference?

    • Thanks Jo! Yeah just an idea I had. I like the Carmine Blades scheme a lot so as a bit of a homage I do white helmets on a lot of my Veterans / Elites. These guys, my Furioso and (coming soon) my Vanguard/Company Veterans. Considering it for my Space Hulk Termies too…

    • Thanks Thomas! The gold was FW Castellax Bronze base, drybrush all over with Rub n’ Buff Gold Leaf, shade all over with a mix of Sepia ink and gloss varnish. Highlight with Vallejo Metal Medium.

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