Raptors Phobos Captain

Every now and then you have a project that just doesn’t go smoothly, and this was one such for me. There were several stages that didn’t go well, parts I wasn’t happy with and ended up painting over. I was tempted to just strip the model and start again, but instead I persevered and ended up with something I’m reasonably happy with. One thing I do like is the wrist display, where I used a decal from my Imperial Gothic Details sheet.

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  • Tony says:

    This is amazing. As a buyer of most of your guides, if you were to create a PDF for a character with details on leather and cloaks, I would be the first to snatch that up!

  • shaun price says:

    Hi do you sell the pdf to this one and the bike of the raptors

  • citadel299 says:

    Just started my Raptors, and I love your guide! But I’m curious, why the white shoulderpads / helmet with yellow? Does that denote a leadership role or something within the Chapter?

    • Luther says:

      Hi there, thanks!

      As per the Codex Astartes, a white helmet denotes rank (e.g. Captain). And yellow is the 2nd Company colour of the Raven Guard (parent Chapter).

      There isn’t a great deal of canon detail on livery for the Raptors, just a bit in the Forge World Badab War books. But one thing that stuck out to me was a veteran sergeant shown in that book with a black helmet with yellow stripe. I built on this and came up with my own structure of livery for the 2nd Company, using yellow as the spot colour:

      Raptors space marine
      Raptors sergeant
      Raptors Lieutenant
      Raptors captain

      I hope this information helps!

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