Commander Dante

Here’s my kitbash of Dante. Some of the bits aren’t perfect but I’ve wanted to get a model done ever since the last codex came out so used what I had to hand. I wanted the armour to look suitably ancient – not damaged but worn and ‘antique’ looking, so I used Rub n’ Buff Gold Leaf and lots of washes, then highlights with Vallejo Metal Medium.

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  • Monkeh says:

    Your work continually inspires me, I love the high contrast style you’ve achieved. And as always the small details like ‘Dante’ on the jump pack are amazing.

    Having said that, your golds seem to suffer.. in that they dont capture the eye as much as your reds do. I dont think it’s that your golds are weaker, just that your reds are so strong they present a far more eye-catching model than the gold. I have no idea how to fix that but just thought I’d point it out.

  • Luther says:

    Thanks for your comments and kind words Monkeh! The gold was somewhat experimental on this model – I wanted to achieve a kind of old, antique effect. I’ll probably be able to improve it if I use the technique again.

  • Monkeh says:

    I hope you do, I look forward to seeing what you can pull off on the normally drab gold models for BA, keep it up bud! 🙂

  • kmck091 says:

    Awesome work as always, I am going to use your kit bash for my own dante. I might use the same jump pack as the sanguinary guard, I am a huge fan of that style.

    Any chance you can post a step by step on pre shading a tactical marine like you did with the drop pod? I keep messing the technique up on the marines but my pods look amazing thanks to your tutorial!

  • Luther says:

    Thanks kmck!

    I’ve been promising an infantry step-by-step for ages – and I will do one soon I promise! If you want to ping me a mail at luther @ themightybrush . com I’ll let you know when it’s up on the site.

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