7 Replies on Blood Angels Scout Snipers

  • Josh W says:

    Hi, did you use the same process for painting the red as the tutorial you did? I’m painting Blood Angel Scouts for Lost Patrol and can’t find a good tutorial for it anywhere.


  • Luther says:

    Hi Josh,

    The red was hand painted on these as it was too small an area to warrant airbrushing. Just layered colours in this order:
    1. VMC* Hull Red
    2. VMC Burnt Cadmium Red
    3. GW Red Gore (VGC** Gory Red will do)
    5. VMC Red

    * VMC = Vallejo Model Color
    ** VGC = Vallejo Game Color

  • screamX says:

    Hi, what kind of transfer did you use ? Are the ones for the tactical squad too big ?

  • Preben Riber Hansen says:

    How did you make the cloaks ?

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