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  • Greg says:

    Hi, these models are looking the treat. Did you paint your DC according to your post on 26th Feb 2015, or did you follow a heavily modified technique of your blood angel’s tutorial? Cheers

    • Luther says:

      Thanks Greg! The DC marine was painted in the same way, but I used just US Grey instead of German Grey first, for more contrast between the pure black and highlight.

  • Dam says:

    Hi, nice work as always!!
    So this time you airbrushed from above (how much?) only the US grey?
    I’d like to know if also for the edge highlights you used the same technique (Vallejo Model Color Basalt Grey followed by London Grey. Finally a touch of Medium Sea Grey highlights on the helmet edges.).
    And, how do you achieve your “like blood” drops?

  • Luther says:

    Hi Dam,

    Yep US Grey from above. Difficult to say exactly how much… I would say a solid coat. You have to bear in mind it will be toned tone quite a lot by the Nuln Oil. Edge highlights were indeed done with those same colours.

    Blood drops were Hull Red, Nuln Oil wash, highlight of Flat Red, then Amarantha Red towards the bottom-right, and tiny reflected Offwhite highlight top-left.



  • Dam says:

    Thank you very much for your help!
    When you highlight from above with German and US Grey, how much distance from the model?
    Thanks again.

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