Raptor Head Waterslide Transfers Decals

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Raptor head transfers for fantasy and wargaming figures, miniatures and scale models.

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Raptor Head Waterslide Transfers Decals

Transfer sheet contents
White / Black sheet:
  • 30x left-facing 3.5mm (height) icons
  • 15x right-facing 3.5mm (height) icons
  • 84x left-facing 4.5mm (height) icons
  • 24x right-facing 4.5mm (height) icons
  • 10x left-facing 6.3mm (height) icons
  • 10x right-facing 6.3mm (height) icons
  • 5x left-facing 13mm (height) icons
  • 5x right-facing 13mm (height) icons
Red sheet:
  • 30x left-facing 3.5mm (height) icons
  • 15x right-facing 3.5mm (height) icons
  • 72x left-facing 4.5mm (height) icons
  • 24x right-facing 4.5mm (height) icons
  • 6x left-facing 9.5mm (height) icons
  • 6x right-facing 9.5mm (height) icons
  • 4x left-facing 15.75mm (height) icons
  • 4x right-facing 15.75mm (height) icons
Transfer sheet features
  • Pre-Cut / Shaped transfer film
  • Professionally printed
  • Ultra-high definition
  • 100% opaque (white or bright-coloured decals can be placed over black)
  • Sheet size: A6 (105 x 148mm)

Application instructions included.

Weight 0.0042 kg
Dimensions 14.85 × 10.5 × 0.05 cm

Black, Dark Red, White

6 reviews for Raptor Head Waterslide Transfers Decals

  1. Craig Appleton (verified owner)

    The transfers look good and are cut out around the design rather than just a square cut which is great, but the transfers are so flimsy when remove from the backing paper that they just fold around, with so many points on this design its been infuriating to try and place these on marine shoulder pads, every time i try moving the decal if i can get it roughly flat enough it just bunches up or folds somewhere else

    • Luther

      Hi Craig,

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble applying the transfers. We deliberately make them thin so it’s possible to completely flatten them during application, for a ‘painted-on’ look (as demonstrated here).

      This does mean they take a little more care and practice when applying than some transfers. I would be happy to discuss and see if I can help you with this – just drop me an email.

      However if they don’t work for you, you may of course return them for a refund, as per our policy.

      Many thanks,

  2. Landon Fisher (verified owner)

    TMB makes what are, by far, the best transfers in my entire collection, and these Raptors emblems are the cherry on top of my Raptors army project. Before, I had been using Raptors emblems made by Chapter Customizer – the print quality was poor, and the transfers weren’t pre-cut, meaning whatever cuts you made around them formed the actual edges of your transfer. This had the unhappy side effect of cut edges with a slight chamfered lip that, despite repeated applications of Micro-Sol, would never go away.

    But TMB’s transfers are perfectly pre-cut, and very thin, meaning use of the proper methods and products gives a look that is indistinguishable from painted-on details.

    One reviewer said the transfers were too thin, and invariably curled around his brush or application tool. Said reviewer clearly did not read the thorough directions that came with his transfer sheet, explaining how these waterSLIDE transfers should SLIDE onto the surface. These are not thick GW tranfers that can be manhandled. They require a bit more extra care, but the print quality and final look are so clean that the result is well worth it.

  3. Matt (verified owner)

    Ive not used transfers for about thirty years, so was a bit apprehensive but these are brilliant! Instructions are clear, and they went on infantry & vehicles without issue (even though I used a very matt paint)
    Would definitely use again, and would throughly recommend!

  4. Timothy Igoe (verified owner)

    I use these decals for a lot of models and they are stellar! I would recommend that someone who is used to working with thicker decals follow the guidelines provided in the packet. A solution to the issue (decal folding over) mentioned by another reviewer, is to keep it on the paper and slide it directly from the paper onto the model. If the decal folds on a corner, gently slide it back on the paper to fix the folding over, then re-apply to the model. Once on the model the decal can be gently smoothed out for a painted on look. I highly recommend these, and they provide a precise and crisp result.

  5. philipp.wueller (verified owner)

    They work really well and look like they were painted on once varnished. They come with detailed instructions. Thank you for supplying these.

  6. Toby (verified owner)

    Recently purchased White Raptor Head Decals some for my Raptor Force for 40k! It is difficult to find such niche transfers, which can put people off jumping in with their favourite armies. These transfers work perfectly, however are quite thin and can curl up easiy. If the instructions are followed it is no problem at all. They finish with a wonderful “Painted-on” appearance for your minatures! Highly Recommend.

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