Space Wolves Painting Guide now available in the Shop!

Many of you will be familiar with the painting guides I’ve written and posted on this website in the past. Well, I’m taking these to the next level with new downloadable PDF guides that are more in depth, with more detail and more pictures!

These guides are professionally designed and produced, and I have put a lot of time and effort into them, so I will be charging a small fee. I hope you will support me in this and find the guides useful. I will still be producing free mini-guides when I have time.

The first PDF guide, Space Wolves, is available in the shop now. A new revamped Blood Angels guide will be coming soon followed by Dark Angels, Ultramarines and eventually all the loyalist legions. And maybe some Traitors too 😉

If you would like to request a specific guide, please contact me. If I receive enough requests for the same guide I will endeavour to produce it.

I will soon also be offering high quality custom decal (waterslide transfer) sheets so stay tuned for that!

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