NEW! Screen printed transfer sheets

New Mighty Brush screen printed waterslide transfer decal sheets

Four new transfer sheet designs are now available in the shop.

These are the first of a new improved type of sheet – professionally screen printed for optimum clarity, sharpness and opacity. The carrier film is shaped around the decals for ease of application – no careful cutting – just cut a rough rectangle around the decal and slide it off. They are also slightly larger at A6 (105x148mm) so a few more icons can be fit on each sheet – but still small enough for low cost worldwide shipping.

All new designs will be in this format and more are coming soon!

4 Replies on NEW! Screen printed transfer sheets

  • Anton says:

    Is it possible to buy the transfer sheet on the top left since the black crosses on them are sligthy larger than the black crosses on the other decals in the shop?

    • Luther says:

      Hi Anton,

      That sheet is discontinued, but the size was adjusted slightly to match the most modern GW decals of circular / square shape. On the new sheets these are 5mm x 5mm which is optimal for conforming to e.g. Primaris shoulder pads. You can see an example of the current transfers in use on the shoulder pad here: https://www.themightybrush.com/project/black-templars-intercessor/

      As you can see it’s a good size on the model 🙂

      • Anton says:

        Yeah, its a good size but I prefer them a little bit larger. But the real problem is that I used your larger size on almost every Primaris in my army and it would not look good to suddenly change to a smaller cross.
        Is it possible for you to make a limited version of that sheet? If so I would like to order 5, would be willing to pay £15 per sheet 🙂

        • Luther says:

          Hi Anton,

          Unfortunately limited runs are not possible, as all our transfers are printed in large bulk quantities. Have you tried applying one of the new ones on to a model and comparing? The size difference is very small, so maybe it will not be as noticeable as you think?

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