More fallen Brothers…

Painting of the MKI Baal Pred will commence shortly but meantime the ranks of my Death Company are due to be reinforced…

Marines built from a combination of Forge World MKV assault squad, MKIV assault squad, MKIV despoilers and bits from the Death Company kit.


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    • Cheers Ulterior! Death Company are, quite literally, too legit to quit 😉
      I wanted mine to look suitably badass so I ditched all the dangly bits and went with the mean looking MKIV/MKV armour and some Phobos chain axes.

    • According to email reponse (send Forge World an email with this exact qutiseon) there “Legion” variants come with a new set of legs/arms, and different chestplates. The images for MK II don’t look any different (will know if the models truly are after I get my order) but if you look closely at the MK III pictures you’ll notice the legs/arms are indeed posed differently, and there are different chestplates. Hope this helps.

  1. They phobos chain axes and bolters really go well with the heresy armor and studs. I may have to consider repurposing the death company I have yet to build into regular squads and getting me some phobos goodness. Finish painting those bad boys up!

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