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  1. Fantastic job! I’ve been using your red recipe for my own Blood Angels. May I ask how you did the treads of the tank, as well as the flesh of the bare-headed marine?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks bates!

    I basecoated the tracks VMC Hull Red, drybrushed with gunmetal and used Forge World dark sand pigment powder for the dust.

    For the skin on the bare head marine I basecoated VMC 148 Burnt Umber, then layered with VMC 124 Iraqi Sand and highlights with VMC 007 Pale Sand. Then I used GW Reikland Fleshshade all over, Druchii Violet (thinned) in recesses and finally Agrax Earthshade and the deepest recesses.

  3. Thanks for the instructions, Luther! I’m looking forward to trying your methods out – I think they look wonderfully realistic.

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