Blood Angels for Sale

November 11, 2017By LutherBlood Angels, For Sale No Comments

That’s right guys, I am selling my beloved Blood Angels, collected now over the span of many years. I am keeping one or two of the more unique or heavily converted models but everything else is up for grabs. I am making them available to those that follow this blog or my social media channels … Read More

Blood Angels Captain Donatus Aphael

September 11, 2017By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 6 Comments

Donatus Aphael, Captain of the Blooded, 2nd Company of the Blood Angels. This model was made for me by Blindhamster, who also made the Inquisitor Consadine model. He deftly combined parts from different kits to replicate the official artwork depicting the character, and hand-sculpted the hair and tabard.

Sanguinary Priest Re-Purposed

July 15, 2017By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 3 Comments

When I first built the Sanguinary Priest after GW released the clampack version I swapped the chalice and chainsword for a rendition of Valour’s Edge and Fury of Baal. However he now fills out a different role in the army so I painted up the original (and admittedly very cool) chainsword arm and gave him … Read More

Sanguinary Guard Conversions

July 15, 2017By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 4 Comments

Finally got around to finishing my second Sanguinary Guard squad today, converted using Forge World torsos, helmets and shoulder pads. I realised after taking the pics I’d forgotten to add soot around the jump pack jets so need to go back and do that. Also my first time doing power weapons and jump pack jets … Read More

Blood Angels Rhino / Razorback

April 23, 2017By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 8 Comments

Today I finished up the first of two Rhino APCs for my tactical squads, for when they’re not dropping in pods with specialist weapons. This one also has the option of a lascannon Razorback variant. I went for a really worn, well-used look on this one, which was fun. Hope you like!

Blood Angels Tactical Sergeants

April 20, 2017By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 1 Comment

I built a couple of tactical sergeants recently with magnetised weapons so I can swap wargear depending on need – the very definition of ‘tactical’! Not sure which I like best but the general consensus seems to be the beardy head on the sarge with the banner would be the ultimate!

Blood Angels Missile Launcher Devastators

March 26, 2017By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 6 Comments

Missile Devastators awaiting their sergeant to be assigned… With these guys I’ve gone for a more weathered, battered look with chips and scratches – similar to my most recent assault squad but even more pronounced this time. Keen to hear what you guys think of this look, so please comment below!

Blood Angels Flamer Assault Squad

March 19, 2017By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 3 Comments

Tri-flamer assault squad to complement my tri-melta squad. I’ve gone for a more worn look than on the previous squad and I may go back to bring them in line with these as I’m quite happy with the result. These guys are the first of a few infantry squads that I’ve had in progress for … Read More

Sanguinary Guard WIP

March 4, 2017By LutherBlood Angels, Work in progress 2 Comments

I bought the Forge World Blood Angels Legion torsos and heads as soon as they came out, knowing I’d use them for something but not being sure for what exactly. The answer came when was inspired by Lil Legend Studio‘s Heresy-era assault squad where he combined them with the plastic Sanguinary Guard legs. I thought … Read More

Blood Angels Deredeo Dreadnought

January 14, 2017By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 2 Comments

Alongside the Sicaran I also finished its partner in crime, a Deredeo Dreadnought. Wasn’t a huge fan of the model when it came out but it’s grown on me – and being absolutely awesome on the battlefield helps! Click the pics for larger versions…

Battle Brothers

November 3, 2016By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 6 Comments

Long overdue for an update! A few things to show tonight and lots more coming soon. First up, some Blood Angels painted for my good friend Indefragable from The Bolter & Chainsword.

Re-photographing the Stormraven

September 18, 2016By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase No Comments

I was never really happy with the photos I took of my Stormraven – it didn’t fit in my lightbox and I struggled to light it without it being over exposed. But I have a new, bigger lightbox now so thought I’d take some more pics which are a truer representation of the real thing. … Read More

Blood Angels Drop Pods

August 8, 2016By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 3 Comments

Here we have a trio of Drop Pods. The middle one was painted by me and, as when I’ve painted a unit I tend to want to move on to another rather than paint more of the same, I commissioned the talented Mr. Peter Zuidgeest at Scar’s Miniature Madness to paint the other two. He … Read More

Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost

July 30, 2016By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 1 Comment

I fell in love with this model as soon as it came out and knew I had to paint it! As he’s quite fancy I thought he’d make a good Lemartes rather than a standard Chaplain so I replaced the Infernus pistol he came with for a Forge World bolt pistol.

Commander Dante

June 19, 2016By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 5 Comments

Here’s my kitbash of Dante. Some of the bits aren’t perfect but I’ve wanted to get a model done ever since the last codex came out so used what I had to hand. I wanted the armour to look suitably ancient – not damaged but worn and ‘antique’ looking, so I used Rub n’ Buff … Read More

Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship

January 6, 2016By LutherBlood Angels, Showcase 2 Comments

Happy new year everyone! It’s been a while since I posted – mainly because I have a lot of half finished models for gaming and no finished ones to show – but I intend to be posting a bit more often from now on. You could call it a New Year’s Resolution I suppose… First … Read More