Burn, Heretic!

Just a quick post to let everyone know I haven’t been sucked into the Warp! I had a bit of a hiatus over the last couple of months while the 8th Edition drop happened – partly because it coincided with a busy real life period and partly because I wanted to wait until the dust settled and decide where I wanted to take the Blood Angels in 8th. One thing that will definitely include is, of course, Primaris marines! (Even if only for painting rather than gaming…)

I haven’t been completely idle during this time; I’ve been slowly working away on my kitbashed Sanguinary Guard squad, first posted back in March. Nearly finished now so watch this space…

I’ve also undertaken a collaborative commission project with my friend Blindhamster – more on that here.

Oh and lastly, the featured image from this post was a quick montage created with Lens FX – great fun app for iOS!

So expect more regular updates over the next few weeks!

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  1. This is your first post since I started following this blog and I’m glad to see you are still around!

    Your work is amazing and part of the reason that I decided to start playing warhammer with this new edition. I’m looking forward for your next updates, keep it up!

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