It’s been a bit quiet around here of late – work and stuff gets in the way of the Hobby sometimes as I’m sure you’re all well aware 😉

No paint but I do have some works in the pipeline. First and foremost is Mephiston MKII made by Master of the Forge as a commission. The client has also commissioned me to paint the model similarly to my own but with a few changes.


And I’ve been working on getting my current 1500 point Blood Angels list WYSIWYG. First up is the new(ish) Sanguinary Priest model which has been sitting on my desk since it was released. I have magnetised his left arm and right hand so I can run him with the lovely relic-looking chainsword and some kind of pistol or, as I currently run him, with the Relics ‘Fury of Baal’ and ‘Valour’s Edge’.



Next up is a 5-man ‘meltacide’ assault squad who ride in a drop pod. Two meltagunners, sergeant with combi-melta and two regular chainsword / bolt pistol marines. The sergeant’s weapons are magnetised so I can give him a pistol and power weapon for other uses. The backpacks are all magnetised so they can have their jump packs back.


And lastly a heavy flamer dude for my tactical squad. Awesome weapon for tacticals as it’s not actually classified ‘heavy’ but ‘assault’ so he can move and shoot 🙂


Updates on all these and more coming soon (I hope!)

Thanks for looking.


  • I do use varnishes, yes. I often gloss coat a model (using Humbrol Gloss Clear) after base coating and before applying shading washes. I normally give models a final matte coat of Citadel Lahmian Medium through my airbrush.

    You have to be careful with varnishes because they do affect the colour of the paint. Generally speaking gloss will make colours brighter and matte will make them duller. Sometimes you have to mix varnishes to get just the right finish.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi Cody, yep, Mephiston is finished (pics up in a couple of days) and everything else has had some paint. The Priest will be next to be finished and there is a Stormraven, some Skitarii and Space Hulk terminators in the pipeline. Watch this space!

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