Blood Angels Missile Launcher Devastators

Missile Devastators awaiting their sergeant to be assigned…

With these guys I’ve gone for a more weathered, battered look with chips and scratches – similar to my most recent assault squad but even more pronounced this time. Keen to hear what you guys think of this look, so please comment below!

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  1. Fantastic, love the grittiness of the weathering. Looks like they’ve been at war for some time!

    Did you apply the chipping etc before or after the Humbrol-NulnOil-LahmianMedium process?


    • Thanks Greg! I’m happy with how the weathering turned out on these, I’m planning to apply it to all my rank and file guys from now on 🙂

      The chipping was the last step, so after gloss, nuln oil gloss and Lahmian Medium. The Medium gives a nice matte surface for the final stages of brush work.

  2. Beautiful work as always!

    Been searching for some inspiration on blues for my own devestator helmets! I should have known to start here!

    Would you be so kind as to share how you achieved this blue?


    • Thanks Joe!

      The blue was quite simple. After priming grey, I base coated the helmets with Vallejo Turquoise (I used Game Color but I think there is a Game Air one now), then just mixed in some white for a zenithal highlight. Then it was a wash with Drakenhof Nightshade and edge highlights with Turquoise plus white again.

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