Blood Angels Missile Launcher Devastators

Missile Devastators awaiting their sergeant to be assigned…

With these guys I’ve gone for a more weathered, battered look with chips and scratches – similar to my most recent assault squad but even more pronounced this time. Keen to hear what you guys think of this look, so please comment below!

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    • Thanks Thomas! The red was done as per my tutorial. Any difference you’re seeing is probably due to the photography – I’ve FINALLY figured out the right settings on my camera!

  1. Fantastic, love the grittiness of the weathering. Looks like they’ve been at war for some time!

    Did you apply the chipping etc before or after the Humbrol-NulnOil-LahmianMedium process?


    • Thanks Greg! I’m happy with how the weathering turned out on these, I’m planning to apply it to all my rank and file guys from now on 🙂

      The chipping was the last step, so after gloss, nuln oil gloss and Lahmian Medium. The Medium gives a nice matte surface for the final stages of brush work.

  2. Beautiful work as always!

    Been searching for some inspiration on blues for my own devestator helmets! I should have known to start here!

    Would you be so kind as to share how you achieved this blue?


    • Thanks Joe!

      The blue was quite simple. After priming grey, I base coated the helmets with Vallejo Turquoise (I used Game Color but I think there is a Game Air one now), then just mixed in some white for a zenithal highlight. Then it was a wash with Drakenhof Nightshade and edge highlights with Turquoise plus white again.

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