Blood Angels for Sale

The Mighty Brush Blood Angels for Sale

That’s right guys, I am selling my beloved Blood Angels, collected now over the span of many years. I am keeping one or two of the more unique or heavily converted models but everything else is up for grabs. I am making them available to those that follow this blog or my social media channels first, and anything unsold by the time the new Codex is released will go on eBay.

As those who do follow this blog will know, this was not an army painted with the intention of selling. Every single model has had the utmost time and attention (and blood, sweat and tears in some cases!) put into it for my own personal collection and to display with pride.

If you’re interested in any of the items listed below that are not yet sold, please contact me.

Dante SOLD
Deimos Rhino SOLD
Rhino / Razorback SOLD
Sanguinary Priest 1 SOLD
Sanguinary Priest 2 SOLD
Sanguinary Guard 1 SOLD
Sanguinary Guard 2 SOLD
Tactical Squad 1 SOLD
Tactical Squad 2 SOLD
Devastator Squad SOLD
Assault Squad (Flamer) SOLD
Assault Squad (Melta) SOLD
Furioso Dreadnought SOLD
Scout Snipers SOLD
Deredeo Dreadnought SOLD
Sicaran SOLD
Stormraven SOLD
Landspeeder SOLD
Landspeeder SOLD
Landspeeder SOLD
Drop Pod SOLD
Drop Pod SOLD
Drop Pod SOLD
Lemartes / Death Company Chaplain SOLD
Chaplain SOLD
Chaplain in Terminator armour SOLD
Death Company (Forge World MKIV/V conversions) SOLD
Death Company (Forge World MKIV Destroyer conversions) SOLD
Death Company SOLD
Death Company Razorback SOLD
Death Company Dreadnought SOLD
Land Raider (Forge World Achilles conversion) SOLD
Baal Predator (Forge World Deimos conversion) SOLD
Baal Predator SOLD

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