Blood Angels Flamer Assault Squad

March 19, 2017By Luther 3 Comments

Tri-flamer assault squad to complement my tri-melta squad. I’ve gone for a more worn look than on the previous squad and I may go back to bring them in line with these as I’m quite happy with the result. These guys are the first of a few infantry squads that I’ve had in progress for … Read More

Sanguinary Guard WIP

March 4, 2017By Luther 2 Comments

I bought the Forge World Blood Angels Legion torsos and heads as soon as they came out, knowing I’d use them for something but not being sure for what exactly. The answer came when was inspired by Lil Legend Studio‘s Heresy-era assault squad where he combined them with the plastic Sanguinary Guard legs. I thought … Read More

Blood Angels Scout Snipers

January 19, 2017By Luther 5 Comments

These guys have seen many battles, but I’ve only just gotten around to finishing painting them. Relatively quick paint job – they’re only scouts after all! Click the pics for high res versions…

Blood Angels Deredeo Dreadnought

January 14, 2017By Luther 2 Comments

Alongside the Sicaran I also finished its partner in crime, a Deredeo Dreadnought. Wasn’t a huge fan of the model when it came out but it’s grown on me – and being absolutely awesome on the battlefield helps! Click the pics for larger versions…

Inquisitorial Stormtrooper

November 3, 2016By Luther 3 Comments

Another model for Indefragable, this is an Inquisitorial Stormtrooper ‘concept’ model. The idea was Indy’s and was influenced by the Weyland Yutani Commandos from Alien 3, with their creepy faceless aspect and dirty-white armour.

Battle Brothers

November 3, 2016By Luther 6 Comments

Long overdue for an update! A few things to show tonight and lots more coming soon. First up, some Blood Angels painted for my good friend Indefragable from The Bolter & Chainsword.

White Scars Jubal Khan and Biker

September 29, 2016By Luther No Comments

I painted these as a commission for a very good friend from across the pond. They will act as a painting ‘guide’ for his full White Scars force. First time I’ve airbrushed white power armour so was a bit experimental but I’m happy with how they turned out. Hope you like them too! Jubal Khan, … Read More

Re-photographing the Stormraven

September 18, 2016By Luther No Comments

I was never really happy with the photos I took of my Stormraven – it didn’t fit in my lightbox and I struggled to light it without it being over exposed. But I have a new, bigger lightbox now so thought I’d take some more pics which are a truer representation of the real thing. … Read More

How to paint Blood Angels – Part III

September 18, 2016By Luther 11 Comments

Welcome to the third and final part of this tutorial on how I paint my Blood Angels. Check out Part I here and Part II here. The last part is where we add the final details to the model and it’s difficult to record this ‘step-by-step’ as everything is kind of happening at the same … Read More

How to paint Blood Angels – Part II

August 17, 2016By Luther 20 Comments

Welcome to the second part of this three-part tutorial on how I paint my Blood Angels. Check out Part I here where we cover the base red armour and airbrush steps, and Part III here which gives an overview of the finishing touches. Now it’s on to detailing the model… Step 6 Paint all the … Read More

Blood Angels Drop Pods

August 8, 2016By Luther 3 Comments

Here we have a trio of Drop Pods. The middle one was painted by me and, as when I’ve painted a unit I tend to want to move on to another rather than paint more of the same, I commissioned the talented Mr. Peter Zuidgeest at Scar’s Miniature Madness to paint the other two. He … Read More

Gerantius, the Green Knight, the Forgotten Knight

August 4, 2016By Luther 1 Comment

I went with a turquoise green for Gerantius, using Daler Rowney FW artist’s acrylic inks. A bit brighter and more contrasting than the Games Workshop studio paint job. Everything is magnetised and you can see how I did that here. Although Gerantius himself can only take the thermal cannon, I decided to paint the battle … Read More

Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost

July 30, 2016By Luther 1 Comment

I fell in love with this model as soon as it came out and knew I had to paint it! As he’s quite fancy I thought he’d make a good Lemartes rather than a standard Chaplain so I replaced the Infernus pistol he came with for a Forge World bolt pistol.

How to paint Blood Angels – Part I

July 3, 2016By Luther 12 Comments

UPDATE: Vallejo recently changed some of their paint names in quite a confusing way. The red I use in Step 5 is now called just ‘Red’ – not ‘Red RLM23’ as it was called before. The name ‘Red RLM23’ is now applied to a colour that used to be called ‘Scarlet’, which is brighter and … Read More

How to magnetise an Imperial Knight

July 2, 2016By Luther No Comments

Admittedly I’m a bit late to the party here – there are loads of tutorials online on this subject, including those dealing with the newer Crusader / Warden Knight kit. However when I finally got around to building my first Knight and watched a few videos I picked out a few things I thought could … Read More

Commander Dante

June 19, 2016By Luther 5 Comments

Here’s my kitbash of Dante. Some of the bits aren’t perfect but I’ve wanted to get a model done ever since the last codex came out so used what I had to hand. I wanted the armour to look suitably ancient – not damaged but worn and ‘antique’ looking, so I used Rub n’ Buff … Read More

Warhammer Fest 2016

May 15, 2016By Luther No Comments

Hello world! I have resurfaced from a Hobby Hiatus and what better springboard than Warhammer Fest, which I attended yesterday with my good friend, Captain Castus. There was much to see and I took loads of pics, some of which you can peruse below. Highlights for me were the Stormbird, the Space Wolves stuff coming … Read More

Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship

January 6, 2016By Luther 2 Comments

Happy new year everyone! It’s been a while since I posted – mainly because I have a lot of half finished models for gaming and no finished ones to show – but I intend to be posting a bit more often from now on. You could call it a New Year’s Resolution I suppose… First … Read More

Betrayal at Calth

November 17, 2015By Luther 2 Comments

The dog is interested, even if the girlfriend is not… Now to start work on building 30 tactical marines D:


November 14, 2015By Luther 7 Comments

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted! It’s not that I haven’t been hobbying, more that I’ve been preparing things in secret for a little friendly tournament some friends and I partake in when we have the time. Now all our lists are revealed I can in turn reveal what I’ve been working … Read More

‘Meltacide’ Assault Squad

July 12, 2015By Luther 10 Comments

Finished up my ‘Meltacide’ Assault Squad yesterday. I didn’t add battle damage as I normally do – partly because the models are quite detailed due to the Vanguard parts, partly due to the fact I put a bit more effort into the edge highlighting and didn’t want to cover it up – and partly because … Read More

Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest

June 14, 2015By Luther 3 Comments

Simple kitbash on this awesome model to add a MKIV jump pack and Relics of Baal, ‘Valour’s Edge’ (AP2 power sword 🙂 ) and ‘Fury of Baal’ (a plasma pistol that doesn’t Get Hot 🙂 ) I went with green instead of my usual blue to differentiate Valour’s Edge from my usual blue power weapons. … Read More