Dungeon Saga Heroes

January 24, 2018By Luther No Comments

Painted these up for a good friend of mine – heroes (and antagonist) from the Mantic game Dungeon Saga. We’re getting together next month to play the game! Necromancer Elf Ranger / Archer Dwarf Wizard Barbarian Group

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower – Pink Horrors

January 20, 2018By Luther No Comments

So that we won’t have to face them* I painted these Pink Horrors for a game of Silver Tower taking place tonight. * In the experience of my gaming group, if you spend time painting the enemies in the game they end up never being drawn / rolled. Presumably once they’re all painted we’ll be … Read More

Raptors Whirlwind Artillery

January 5, 2018By Luther No Comments

I finished these at the same time as the Razoracks, but at the last minute I decided to repaint the big lenses on the missile launchers blue (they were green), and the missiles themselves grey (they were yellow) – so there was a bit of a delay while I got around to making those changes. … Read More

Raptors Assault Cannon Razorbacks

December 29, 2017By Luther No Comments

Managed to find some time after the Christmas festivities to work on the armour for my Raptors strike force. Next up are a brace of assault cannon-toting Razorbacks. I hope you like them – all feedback welcome!

Blood Angels Land Speeder Storm

December 9, 2017By Luther No Comments

To celebrate the unlocking of one of my favourite Space Marine kits to the Blood Angels in the new Codex, I dusted off the one I bought and painted when it was first released and re-photographed it.

Raptors Livery

November 27, 2017By Luther 5 Comments

Been working on some livery ideas for the command hierarchy of my Raptors. Let me know what you think!

Blood Angels for Sale

November 11, 2017By Luther No Comments

That’s right guys, I am selling my beloved Blood Angels, collected now over the span of many years. I am keeping one or two of the more unique or heavily converted models but everything else is up for grabs. I am making them available to those that follow this blog or my social media channels … Read More

More Raptors Intercessors

October 22, 2017By Luther No Comments

Five more Intercessors finished today. Four of these guys will be bulking out the Squad II to 10 men, and this sergeant will then become leader of Squad III. A few people asked how I paint these guys, so here is my tutorial on how I paint Raptors Space Marines.

How to paint Raptors Space Marines

October 22, 2017By Luther 17 Comments

Since I posted my first unit of Raptors Intercessors, a few people asked for the colours and processes used. So, as requested, here is a step-by-step! NOTE: There are some steps I’ve marked as optional. If you’re painting rank and file and want to speed things up you can skip these steps as the added … Read More

How to paint glowing Space Marine eye lenses

October 22, 2017By Luther No Comments

In this tutorial I’ll describe the steps I use to create the ‘glowing eye’ lens effect on my Raptors Space Marines. You can use this method with any chapter or colour scheme, just substitute the colours for your own. Step 1 Using your armour highlight colour (in this case Citadel Ogryn Camo Air), paint the … Read More

How to apply decals with Microset and Microsol

October 22, 2017By Luther 8 Comments

In this tutorial we’ll cover the application of decals / waterslide transfers using Microset & Microsol for the ‘painted on’ look. What are Microset and Microsol? Microset Micro Set slightly softens the decal film to make it more flexible so that it will conform better to the model’s surface. Better adhesion of the decal to … Read More

Raptors Intercessor Squad II

October 8, 2017By Luther 10 Comments

Here is the first completed unit for my Raptors Space Marines army. The painting process keeps closely to that of the test model I finished recently with a few minor alterations – mainly to streamline and speed things up where possible. On that note, quite a few people asked how long the test model took … Read More

Knight Questor and Fyreslayer Doomseeker

October 7, 2017By Luther 4 Comments

And now for something completely different… A group of friends and I get together every now and then for gaming nights, and one of the games we play is Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. We decided to each paint our chosen heroes (mine is the Knight Questor) but one of us isn’t really into painting so … Read More

Raptors Primaris Space Marine

September 24, 2017By Luther 2 Comments

Here’s the test model (and as I deem the test to be a success, the first completed model) in my Raptors force, and the first Primaris marine I’ve painted. There were a few unsuccessful tests which are being / have been stripped, so a whole squad of models painted like this will follow. Hope you … Read More

Blood Angels Captain Donatus Aphael

September 11, 2017By Luther 6 Comments

Donatus Aphael, Captain of the Blooded, 2nd Company of the Blood Angels. This model was made for me by Blindhamster, who also made the Inquisitor Consadine model. He deftly combined parts from different kits to replicate the official artwork depicting the character, and hand-sculpted the hair and tabard.

Inquisitor Consadine – Part II

August 19, 2017By Luther No Comments

Today I completed the joint commission project undertaken by myself and my friend, Blindhamster, to recreate Inquisitor Consadine from the classic Daemonhunters codex artwork. You can read more about the project, see a picture of the original artwork and view the unpainted build & sculpt in Part I, here. Here are some pictures of the … Read More

Sanguinary Priest Re-Purposed

July 15, 2017By Luther 3 Comments

When I first built the Sanguinary Priest after GW released the clampack version I swapped the chalice and chainsword for a rendition of Valour’s Edge and Fury of Baal. However he now fills out a different role in the army so I painted up the original (and admittedly very cool) chainsword arm and gave him … Read More

Sanguinary Guard Conversions

July 15, 2017By Luther 4 Comments

Finally got around to finishing my second Sanguinary Guard squad today, converted using Forge World torsos, helmets and shoulder pads. I realised after taking the pics I’d forgotten to add soot around the jump pack jets so need to go back and do that. Also my first time doing power weapons and jump pack jets … Read More

The Red Conundrum

July 8, 2017By Luther 8 Comments

UPDATE: Thanks to the help of friend and reader of this blog, Alan G, I have solved this conundrum! Alan sent me a couple of bottles of his Red RLM23 and a bottle of Scarlet Red to compare with mine. He noted that they both had the same code (71.003). I tested these paints along … Read More

Inquisitor Consadine – Part I

July 8, 2017By Luther 2 Comments

UPDATE: You can see the finished model here! A few months ago I was approached to take on a commission project to recreate Inquisitor Consadine from the below classic artwork: I felt this would be an interesting departure from my ongoing armies – quite different to anything I’d done before in fact – so I … Read More

Burn, Heretic!

July 8, 2017By LutherUncategorized 2 Comments

Just a quick post to let everyone know I haven’t been sucked into the Warp! I had a bit of a hiatus over the last couple of months while the 8th Edition drop happened – partly because it coincided with a busy real life period and partly because I wanted to wait until the dust … Read More

Blood Angels Rhino / Razorback

April 23, 2017By Luther 8 Comments

Today I finished up the first of two Rhino APCs for my tactical squads, for when they’re not dropping in pods with specialist weapons. This one also has the option of a lascannon Razorback variant. I went for a really worn, well-used look on this one, which was fun. Hope you like!

Blood Angels Tactical Sergeants

April 20, 2017By Luther 1 Comment

I built a couple of tactical sergeants recently with magnetised weapons so I can swap wargear depending on need – the very definition of ‘tactical’! Not sure which I like best but the general consensus seems to be the beardy head on the sarge with the banner would be the ultimate!

Blood Angels Tactical Squad Lorenzo

April 17, 2017By Luther 2 Comments

It’s the Easter Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, which usually means rain and cold weather – perfect to spend indoors hobbying! I had to work at my day job two of the four days so didn’t get as much time as I would have otherwise, but hey, more money for plastic crack and … Read More

Blood Angels Missile Launcher Devastators

March 26, 2017By Luther 6 Comments

Missile Devastators awaiting their sergeant to be assigned… With these guys I’ve gone for a more weathered, battered look with chips and scratches – similar to my most recent assault squad but even more pronounced this time. Keen to hear what you guys think of this look, so please comment below!