Space Wolf Test Model

November 18, 2018By Luther 6 Comments

This is a Space Wolf test model I’ve been working on for a long time. It has been stripped and re-painted several times, but I finally achieved a tone of blue-grey for the armour that I’m happy with. It was surprisingly difficult to achieve this. Please let me know what you think in the comments. … Read More

Raptors Primaris Reivers

October 26, 2018By Luther 2 Comments

First squad of Reivers done. As these are the special ops of the force, I gave them a slightly darker, more muted colour to their armour.

500th Store Primaris Lieutenant Power Sword Conversion

October 21, 2018By Luther 2 Comments

Picked up this model at Games Workshop Oxford yesterday and did a simple conversion to give him a power sword. My thinking is that he’s removed the top of his helmet so that the optics don’t interfere with his vision during a dual he’s about to fight 😉

Raptors Forge World Chaplain Dreadnought

September 27, 2018By Luther 2 Comments

This is a commission piece for follower of the blog who reached out to me wanting a Raptors Dreadnought to join his all-Dread army. I rarely take commissions but this sounded like a cool project so this Brother will be honoured to join the ranks and represent the Raptors in his force!

Raptors Primaris Lieutenant Runnik

September 16, 2018By Luther 3 Comments

It’s been a while since I posted but I’ve not been idle – far from it in fact! I’m working on several projects, some of which have required stripping and repainting several times. More on that later, but meantime I’ve been chipping away at Lieutenant Runnik, who was started probably over a year ago and … Read More

Cullexus Assassin

August 27, 2018By Luther No Comments

Painted this up for a friend. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever started and finished a model on the same day 😀

Raptors Primaris Hellblasters Squad 01

August 22, 2018By Luther No Comments

I’m working on a few units for the Raptors at the moment. First to be finished are these Hellblasters. Credit goes to my buddy William for the idea to paint the helmets yellow, which I think works really well 🙂 Group Sergeant Marine 1 Marine 2 Marine 3 Marine 4

Raptors Primaris Chaplain

August 11, 2018By Luther No Comments

I loved this model when I first saw it, but I felt my buddy Legofingerz improved it even further with his excellent conversion, so I did what all good artists do when they see a great idea. I stole it.

My Raptors on Warhammer Community

August 3, 2018By Luther 1 Comment

A little while ago I was approached by the Warhammer Community to write a short feature on my rapidly growing Raptors army. I’ve added more units since then and have yet more planned – watch this space for more updates and check out the article here!

Raptors Primaris Repulsor

July 31, 2018By Luther 2 Comments

The Space Marine equivalent of the US Army Bradley IFV. This was a funny project. It went from nothing to almost finished in four hours, and then I spent probably three times that long detailing and weathering it – but at the same time trying to keep the weathering subtle. I figured it would be … Read More

Raptors Primaris Inceptors

July 20, 2018By Luther 6 Comments

These were a lot of fun to paint. As a result the process went very quickly, up until the detailing which I spent a lot longer than expected and intended because I was having so much fun! So my hat’s off to the miniature designers for that! I do think they’re better without those little … Read More

Aenur Sword of Twilight

June 30, 2018By Luther No Comments

I actually painted this model without the lighting effect to begin with. Then it sat on top of my painting desk for months while I brooded over the thought that something wasn’t quite right – something was missing – and it wasn’t finished. Then the idea came to me that he could be descending into … Read More

Raptors Intercessors Squad Bannor

June 7, 2018By Luther No Comments

You guys are probably bored of seeing these but I’ve finished another five Intercessors! I actually enjoy painting them quite a lot but this brings my total up to 20 marines so it will soon be time for something different – and arguably more interesting 😉 Anyway, I hope you like them!

Raptors Primaris Lieutenant Korik

May 28, 2018By Luther No Comments

Hi guys, I’m back after a forced hiatus due to (another) arm injury. I was a bit worried about further loss of movement and feeling but all seems to be well after about a month of recovery 🙂 I thought I’d test out my painting hand and ease myself in with a single model, so … Read More

Blood Angels Xiphon Interceptors

March 30, 2018By Luther No Comments

It was nice to come back to the beloved boys in red. I painted these for my good friend who goes by the name Indefragable in the 40k community – and I’ll be delivering them in person and hopefully seeing how they do in battle very soon!

Intercessor Reinforcements

March 25, 2018By Luther 4 Comments

Got another batch of Intercessors finished today. This takes me up to 15, so I can field 3x squads in a Battalion detachment but ultimately I will have 30 so I can max out those squads.

Raptors Redemptor Dreadnoughts

March 3, 2018By Luther 12 Comments

It’s been a while since my last post but I’ve not been idle. In fact I’ve been quite busy and have a number of things nearing completion. These Redemptor Dreads have been sitting on my desk 90% complete for a couple of weeks now and I finally got around to finishing them today. There is … Read More