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You may have seen an icon on the images of our transfer sheets describing a feature called ‘shaped transfer film’ – but what does this mean? To answer the question we first need to describe what transfer film itself is. Transfer film is the clear, usually glossy, transparent film on which waterslide transfers are printed. The blue paper underneath is coated with a mild adhesive and when you soak the transfer in water the film separates from the paper, taking some of the adhesive with it, and this is what helps it stick to the model on which the transfer is placed.

The following diagrams show the difference between all-over and shaped transfer film

Most transfer printing companies use paper that is pre-coated with both adhesive and transfer film all over the sheet, and simply print the graphics on top.

The main disadvantage of all-over transfer film is that you have to carefully cut around the decal with a scalpel or hobby knife, risking damage to the decal (and your fingers!), to minimise the amount of film that surrounds it and ends up on the model. It can also be difficult to slide the decal off the paper because you will be gripping both paper and film with your tweezers.

Thanks to our professional printing process, with Mighty Brush transfers the hard work is already done for you, because the film is ‘shaped’ around the decal, tightly hugging the graphic as closely as possible to minimise the amount of film that ends up on your model. This makes the transfers quicker and easier to apply, and makes the job of hiding the film easier too for a ‘painted on’ look.

Check out our range of waterslide transfers with shaped transfer film here!

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