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Raptors Phobos Captain

Raptors Phobos Captain

Every now and then you have a project that just doesn’t go smoothly, and this was one such for me. There were several stages that…

The Mighty Brush Raven Guard

Raven Guard Intercessor

Next up in the First Founding project, masters of stealth – the midnight-black armoured Raven Guard! As with the other First Founding intercessors I have…

The Mighty Brush Phobos Librarian

Raptors Phobos Librarian

All the models from Shadowspear have been fantastic, but there is something truly special about the Phobos Librarian. The composition, movement, flow; the opportunity for…

The Mighty Brush Raptors Eliminators

Raptors Eliminators Squad I

Took a quick break from painting guides and transfers to finish another unit for my Raptors – Eliminators from Shadowspear! These guys have been on…

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