Blood Angels Rhino / Razorback

Today I finished up the first of two Rhino APCs for my tactical squads, for when they’re not dropping in pods with specialist weapons. This one also has the option of a lascannon Razorback variant.

I went for a really worn, well-used look on this one, which was fun.

Hope you like!

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  1. This is absolutely awesome. I think you have outdone yourself!

    Did you do a gloss varnish / gloss null oil as you did in the tactical tutorial to achieve the shading on the red of the hull? Or is it simply more extensive airbrush work?

    • Thanks mate I’m glad you like it!

      I don’t use a wash all over the tanks because it tends to end up patchy on such large surfaces. On this I did a thorough gloss coat, then sprayed the whole model with AK Interactive Dark Brown wash (oil-based). After allowing to part-dry for a few minutes I used an old t-shirt to wipe most of it off, leaving in the recesses.

      I used the AK Interactive wash on my Stormraven and Sicaran too, but directly in the recesses for a cleaner look. As I wanted a really worn and weathered look here I used the spray-on / rub-off method.

  2. Looking very good as always. I especially like your AK Interactive Dark Brown wash process – do you think it’d work on much larger kits, as in the 2 bipedal monstrosities I have sitting on my project list?

    • Oh yeah, definitely good for large kits. It’s similar to one of the processes used in the latest Imperial Armour: Modeling Masterclass book, where they applied oil paint to the gold on the Titan’s armour and wiped the excess off with a rag. Exactly the same principle, except here you’re essentially applying a thin coat of pre-thinned oil paint.

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